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What to Look for in a VPN Service

Updated on November 25, 2021 by Andrew H

What to Look For in a VPN Service

Before purchasing a VPN service, there are several important things you need to look for. Failure to pay attention to these details may compromise your online security and waste your money.

No Logging Policy

The point of a VPN service is to provide anonymity and security. Those aspects go hand in hand. If your VPN company is retaining logs, it defeats the purpose of a VPN service. You would be surprised the number of companies that explicitly disclose logging in their terms. We will never promote any VPN service that explicitly logs your connections, or has been found to secretly maintain logs.


Generally, the more servers a VPN company hosts, the more connections and the faster speeds it could support. This does not guarantee that a company with a lot of servers will automatically be superior, but a company with very few servers will almost always be inferior. VPN servers located closer to you will provide a faster connection than a few servers scattered across the globe.

Refund Policy

Look for a VPN service that provides a 100% money back guarantee. Most reputable VPN services will provide guarantee at least 30 days. If a VPN service does not offer a refund policy, avoid them at all costs.

Free VPN Services

Using a free VPN service is dangerous. Remember the old saying, “nothing is free”? That especially applies to VPN services. A VPN service is a middleman. Which means it’s very easy for a rogue service to perform man-in-the-middle attacks and steal your information. Reputable VPN services have a lot to lose if they engage in such activities. However, “free” VPN services may reside in foreign countries with no jurisdiction, and can do a lot of damage. Remember, VPN services provide a value. You should be willing to pay for that value if what they provide is important to you.

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