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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal & Absolute Review

Updated on April 29, 2022 by Chrystal S

This is a review of the Dyson V10 Animal and Absolute. The only difference is the extra Fluffly Cleaner Head attachment that comes with the Absolute, but not Animal. While this is a review of the V10 Animal, the V10 Absolute is essentially identical.

Pros & Cons

Easily picks up 99% pet hair
50% larger dust bin
HEPA filter cleans air as you vacuum
Easy to use & maneuver
20% more motor power
Must hold power button to use
No detachable battery
Runs for just 6 minutes on high
Higher price

Final Verdict

The Dyson V10 is a great vacuum, considering the power, ease of use, maneuverability, and attachments. It's a bit pricey, but you do get your money's worth. The V10 is among the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners on the market. The battery is still a limiting factor for some users, even though the V10 got a substantially larger battery over the V8.

The design is bulkier than previous generations, but it's still relatively lightweight.

V8 vs V10

The V10 got a major upgrade from the V8 model in terms of design, power, battery life, dust bin size, and reduction of charging time. However, the dust bin emptying process is slightly less convenient, the vacuum is bulkier, weighs slightly more, and is significantly louder than the V8.

Please note that the V10 Animal and V10 Absolute are identical except that the Absolute model comes with a Fluffy cleaning head which is good for hardwood floors. Expect to pay an extra $80-100 if you choose to get it.

User Complaints

Dyson V10 is not without its shortcomings. Here are some of the most common user complaints about the V10.

1. Battery degrades over time - Every battery degrades over time due to a large number of charge and discharge cycles. If you vacuum the average amount, you should expect your battery to last 4 years or more, depending on your needs. If you go through full charge/discharge cycles multiple times a day, you can expect to start seeing a degradation sooner. Since Dyson uses lithium-ion batteries, you should not see a degradation in performance, only in the running time. If you're seeing a degradation in performance, that is likely not caused by the battery.

2. Suction degrades over time - The main reason suction degrades over time is because of a dirty filter. The dirtier the filter, the harder it is for the motor to push air through it. You need to clean the filter and dry it fully biweekly or monthly. In addition, make sure there are no partial obstructions of the wand or inside the vacuum.

3. Holding power button - All Dyson handheld stick vacuums have a trigger power switch (so far). It can become annoying to constantly hold it down to some users.

4. Battery not removable - The V10 battery cannot be removed and swapped for another one. You need to upgrade to the V11 for that option.

5. Price is high - While I can sympathize with the cost of the Dyson V10, you do get what you pay for. If you're looking to save money, you will have to sacrifice on performance and features.

V10 Carpet Cleaning

The Dyson V10 performs great on carpets, both low and high pile. On max power setting the suction is strong enough to seal itself onto the carpet, so you want to use the low or medium power setting if this happens to you.

The V10 boasts 25% higher brush roll agitation, increasing the effectiveness of deep cleaning.

The V10 picks up 99% of debris on High, 90% on Medium, and 80% on Low in just a few passes. The vacuum picks up pet and human hair with ease, however, the brushroll will tangle when enough long hair is picked up.

V10 Hardwood Cleaning

The V10 torque drive cleaner head comes with opening gates that allow larger debris to enter more easily. However, picking up large debris on hardwood floors is still difficult for the V10. The torque drive cleaner head is exceptionally good at crevice pickup, exceeding the V8 by far due to a much more powerful motor.


The Dyson V10 registers 79dB of noise on maximum power from a few feet away. This is considerably louder than the V8, and can be uncomfortable using in small spaces such as closets or cars. The vacuum emits 75dB on low, which is fairly quiet.

V10 Battery & Runtime

The V10 comes with 3 power settings: Low, Medium, and High. The battery takes just 3.5 hours to charge, compared to 5 hours from the V8. The vacuum can run for 60 minutes with no motorized tool attached, compared to V8's 40 minutes. The V10 comes with a 25 volt, 2600mAh battery.

The V10 battery now has 3 (up from 1) indicator lights to give you a better idea of your current charge level. This makes it easier to know when your battery will run out.

The V10 will only last 6 minutes on max power setting no matter what attachment you use. If you use a torque drive cleaner head, you can expect 30 minutes of cleaning on low power, or about 20 minutes on medium power.
Run Time (High)
7 Minutes
6 Minutes
Run Time (Low)
40 Min
60 Min
Charging Time
5 Hours
3.5 Hours

V10 Motor & Suction

The Dyson V10 comes with one of the most powerful cordless stick vacuum motors available. The V10 comes equipped with a motor that's 20% power moreful than its V8 predecessor. The V10 comes with 14 cyclones compared to the 15 cyclones in the V8.
40 CFM
46 CFM
Water Lift
72 Inches
88 Inches

V10 Filter

V10 passed the sealed system HEPA filtration test which checks if the vacuum traps dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, and other tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns. A cleaner air means a better smelling air. The filtration system has been simplified in the V10. Dyson has combined the pre-motor and HEPA filters all into one. This means that you now have to clean out just one filter. The filter indicator light will start blinking when it's time to clean it out.

The filter is removed by lightly twisting it counter-clockwise. If the filter has any large debris, deposit it into the trash. Then, wash the entire filter thoroughly under cold running water. Once complete, set it aside and let it dry for 24 hours. A damp filter could permanently damage the motor. Even if it looks dry on the outside, the filter might still be wet inside.

Pro Tip: Get a second filter so you can use your vacuum while the first one is drying.

V10 Dust Bin

With the new dirt ejection system, you no longer have to touch the dust bunnies when emptying the dust bin. Emptying the V10 dust bin takes more force than V8, but it's still a painless process.

The new V10 dust bin was expanded to 750ml (0.20gal) in capacity, a considerable 50% increase from the V10 motorhead or V8.

V10 Weight

The Dyson V10 weighs 5.9 lbs in a stick configuration, and 3.6 lbs as handheld. Compared to the V8, the V10 is slightly heavier. Nonetheless, it's easy to lift it up and vacuum the ceiling or ceiling fan blades for the average user.

V10 Accessories

All V10 attachments are connected and released using Dyson's Quick Release System. It snaps everything together with one simple click. To release, just hold down the red button and pull gently.

Crevice Tool

Dyson Crevice Tool
Crevice Tool
Click to play
This is one of my favorite tools to clean with. The crevice tool provides concentrated suction for picking up hard to reach debris from crevices. Cleaning corners between walls or baseboards are a breeze, or reaching deep into difficult places in your car. This tool is a must for every cordless vacuum. The Dyson V10 makes this process extremely easy, as you can turn your cordless stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum cleaner in 3 seconds.

Combination Tool

Dyson Combination Tool
The two in one combination tool is included with the V7 Motorhead, V7 Animal, V7 Absolute, and V7 Allergy models and provide a convenient dusting brush which can be switched to a general nozzle for upholstery by holding down the button and pulling back the brush. In addition to cleaning upholstery, this tool can be used to clean the baseboards, vents, window sills, pick up webs, and a verity of other things. It's a great multi-purpose tool and you'll find new things to clean with it all the time.

The V7 combination tool will not fit a Dyson V6, however, it will fit a V8, V10 and V11 Dyson cordless vacuums.

Soft Dusting Brush Tool

Dyson Soft Dusting Brush
The soft dusting brush tool comes with the V7 Animal, V7 Fluffy, and V7 Absolute. The soft brush does wonders for vacuuming delicate surfaces such as TVs, computer monitors and keyboards, laptops screens, wooden furniture, window glass, and many others. It would be impossible for me to get by without the soft brush, I highly recommend to get it.

Mini-Motorized Tool

Mini Motorized Tool
The mini motorized tool comes with the V7 Animal, V7 Fluffy, and V7 Absolute. It's got a 20W electric motor that spins a brush to get deep seated debris out. This tool is great to clean your car with. The cleaning head tilts and adjusts to the angle of the surface to maintain constant suction. This tool is also wonderful for cleaning carpet stairs. Simply remove the wand from your V7, attach this tool, and you're ready to tackle the stairs.

Torque Drive Cleaner Head

Dyson V10 V12 Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Direct Drive Cleaner Head Turbine Floor Tool
The V10 Torque Drive cleaner head (previously known as Direct Drive cleaner head) is a motorized attachment meant to be used on both carpets and hardwood floors. It functions exceptionally well on both low and pile carpets. The torque drive cleaner head has a hard time picking up large debris like cheerios on hardwood floors, but works great otherwise.

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